Cleanroom is one of our first production programmes. Even though we had experience with installation of cleanrooms long before, the production itself started only in 1999, when we became one of the corporations running cleanroom production and installation. We are able to perform a fast and high quality production, measuring, delivery and professional installation of cleanrooms.


Unlike in past, our panelboard system represents mainly flexibility in accommodating space to the production requirements (which are constantly changing), and not, like in the past, production requirements to an immovable space. The deal in this is an easily dismountable panelboard system, which represents an easy-clean, dust-proof system, apt to all types of cleanrooms (from the lowest classes to the highest ones).

What do we produce from  

Our production is of white, varnished steel plates, processed by pulverization technology with polyester varnish in the RAL 9010 hue, or eventually in any other colour of free choice from the palette of RAL colours. This material is used at the surface modifications of panelboards, doors, ceiling compartments and other products.

Possibilty of use  

We produce panelboards on customer demand. For example: glass walls (Pharma system - glass panels without parapet), adjustable doors, single-winged fire retardant doors etc. This flexible panelboard system is suitable for the installation of: offices, extended workplaces, cross-walls and partitions.

The system of cleanrooms is suitable:

Ceiling soffit

A part of the cleanroom programme is also the production and installation of a compartment ceiling soffit or a special ceiling promoting laminar air flow (either horizontally or vertically). The soffit is made from the same easy-clean plate.


Our company enables the possibility to order specific measuring of cleanrooms according to custom (e.g. dustiness, temperature, humidity, air-flow velocity, tension, noisiness, illumination and others). After the measurements, we design a report to you (also in English).


Accessories suitable for cleanrooms supplement the product menu, either from easy-clean, varnished steel plates, or possibly even better from stainless steel.

For example:

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